Personalize products

Your company is unique!

Your company – be it a hotel, restaurant, bar, café or catering company – is unique. This also includes unique accessories and materials! ATMK understands this better than anyone and sees the added value of menu blocks, cutting boards and serving boards of high quality, which really fit the company. We therefore not only make these products from the best materials, but also want to personalize them for you. So that they become real eye-catchers.

What can ATMK mean for your (catering) company? Download the business brochure below and feel free to contact us for a tailor-made offer, personal and honest advice or to discuss the possibilities.

Lasering and Engraving

Thanks to advanced equipment in combination with modern software, we can provide cutting boards, serving boards, menu blocks and even Finest products with various images and texts. That can of course be a logo, but we also laser or engrave decorative prints, a beautiful picture or an inviting text. The possibilities are endless!

The laser burns the image or text into the wood and can be set extremely precisely. This allows nuances to be applied in the color intensity and both light brown to almost black images is possible. A beautiful and eye-catching option for personalizing the products!


Menu blocks, cutting boards and serving boards should not only be beautiful, but also functional. By milling grooves, gutters, floors or other adjustments as desired, we make the perfect planks or blocks for you. We have standard models that are equipped with well thought-out milled features, but of course you can also have your product fully designed and custom made by us.

Because we have all the equipment for lasering, engraving and milling wooden and Finest products ourselves, we can process both large and small numbers.

Your own Private Label

With Finest cutting and serving boards

With the introduction of our Finest line we have brought a unique product with many positive properties from the US to the Netherlands. We are proud of it! Yet we do not have to put our own stamp on everything. Do you want to develop your own private label with this product? Then we would like to sit down with you. For large and small numbers we can realize tailor-made designs that can be used and / or sold under your own name. Or do you want to become a dealer of our Finest planks? Then contact Karin for the possibilities. Be welcome!

Wil je ook een duurzame en ambachtelijke Finest snij- en serveerplank? Neem een kijkje in de shop!